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Death Metal

Posted by Greg on December 7, 2007

In response to Jono’s post about some (apparently) good shows coming up.

Why Death Metal (and similar) music disappoints me: The musicianship is great, but the vocals need to go. I’m a huge fan of Tool and a big reason for that is Maynard. Maynard shows that you can sing in a hard rock band and still sound good. Should all bands sound like Tool? No. Should all Death Metal bands who growl stop? No. But sometimes I wish I could listen to some of it (death metal) but I just can’t get past the vocals.

No disrespect meant for anyone who enjoys or even does that type of music. Just personal taste is all.


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Updates Updates

Posted by Greg on December 1, 2007

New to this blogging thing, so I usually forget I even have one, or when I remember and think of a good topic, I don’t write it down and never write it.

Well… Here is a run down of some updates.

1) Ubuntu Michigan LoCo Team is APPROVED! Check out the announcement: We’re Approved! The members of the team are awesome and made this possible.

2) Top story in the NYTimes morning email: Lawmakers Set Deal on Raising Fuel Efficiency
Good right? Well, yeah, in theory. But guess what the goal is…. an average of 35 mpg by… 2020! Wow, way to be innovative there guys! Way to set a high bar. Way to quit being lazy and actually doing something…. oh wait, no. That is a lame goal and you guys ARE just a bunch of lazy bastards. Got it.

3) Kheir was elected as MSA representative! As legal counsel to the candidate all I have to say is, well done.

4) And the craziness of the end of the semester begins… and I thought grad school was going to be easy.

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