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Lets start Intrepid right…

Posted by Greg on April 27, 2008

The release cycle for Hardy was awesome, and I definitely put more time and effort into it than any other.  But, I want to continue this momentum and increase my effort for Intrepid.  Luckily for me, next week is Ubuntu OpenWeek.

Ubuntu OpenWeek Logo

Seriously, I’m not just talking about the OpenWeek because Jorge talked about it last night at our release party.  I have recently triaged a fair number of bugs to a point where I know what needs to be changed and I could probably do it myself.  Simple string fixes are a good examples, or setting correct defaults, adding a dependency, etc.  But, to do this I should learn more about packaging.

One way to do that is to go to a Packaging Jam like what Rick put on for the Michigan LoCo.  I unfortunately was unable to make it (3 year anniversary is a good reason right?).  But, with the OpenWeek I should be able to get some basics out of the way before we do another Packaging Jam.

Also, if you’re interested in just learning how to report bugs, not even think about fixing them, there are events for you too at the OpenWeek (see schedule).  Be sure to remember that the times are in UTC, so that means subtract 4 hours for the eastern time zone (rest of you Americans can do the math from there).

I hope some of the people who attended our Hardy Release Party in Michigan last night can show up.  There was a lot of interest in helping with Ubuntu development in various ways from many people and this is the perfect place to start!

See you there!

My 5 today: #223230 (gnome-panel), #214695 (gnome-system-monitor), #223239 (hugin), #223262 (kdebase), #223263 (update-manager)
Do 5 a day – every day!


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Change of venue

Posted by Greg on April 24, 2008

So, we need to change plans for the release party.  Ann Arbor Brewing
Co. has no available room as the University of Michigan has graduation
this weekend.  I tried to get a reservation today, but, no avail.

Instead, we do the next best thing: Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti

Sorry for the late notice.

Get the word out to those who might not get this.

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The Release of Hardy and 100 members

Posted by Greg on April 24, 2008

Today, as we all know, is the release of the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu, Hardy Heron.

However, what you may not know is that today is also the day that the Michigan LoCo team hit 100 members!  Yep, thats right, two momentous occasions on the same day.

For proof, see screenshot.

On behalf of the entire team I would like to welcome Tony to the Michigan LoCo!

Tony, if you are reading this, if you come to the Hardy Release Party on Saturday, you get an Ubuntu Hat for being the 100th member of the team!  Really, no joke.

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Hardy Party In Michigan

Posted by Greg on April 21, 2008

If you are any where near the South East Corner of Michigan on Satuday, you should come to our Hardy Party.

Saturday the 26th
Ann Arbor Brewing Co. [0]
7pm – ?
I’ll have stickers (both case badges and those bigger white ones)
Bring your friends.

See you there!

[0] Address:
114 E Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
There is a parking ramp across the street from the pub.

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Shells Shells Everywhere Shells!

Posted by Greg on April 10, 2008

I wasn’t going to post in response to the meme, that is, until I saw my history.

$history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’ |sort -rn|head
87 add-5-a-day
54 screen
52 sudo
52 cd
46 ls
22 dpkg
21 cat
20 irssi
13 bzr
10 tail

Can you tell I am a part of the 5-a-day team on Launchpad?

And, again, why isn’t Ohio on the stats page?

My 5 today: #213251 (pulseaudio), #215005 (jockey), #212709 (linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24), #213585 (flashplugin-nonfree), #213852 (poppler)
Do 5 a day – every day!

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