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Posted by Greg on July 14, 2008

Yep, I’m done here.

You can keep up with me at

Hope to see you there!


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Bug Watches

Posted by Greg on June 15, 2008

As a part-time bug triager, I’m always curious of the new tools out there that enable people to work better and more efficiently.  One such new project, which I think has some real potential, is Stephan Hermann‘s Leonov project.

Another thing which I just read in my news reader was the fact that Luca Nussbaum added a functionality to Debian’s package overview pages which lets maintainers see what version of the package is in Ubuntu and how many bugs are reported against it in Launchpad.  This seems like a great idea and could even be expanded upon for better results.

My thought process:

A. Launchpad’s ability to watch other bug trackers for the same bug greatly improves the ability of developers to find and fix bugs.

A.1. People really like that ability.

B. Launchpad is only able to do that in a one-way direction (it can’t tell the Debian BTS that it’s bug has been marked “Fix Committed”)

B.1. Putting all of the work on the dev’s/triagers to then go back upstream and report it for every bug is a laudable goal, but as we all know, time is precious for everyone.

C. The ability to get bug data from LP and use it for enabling productivity is there, albeit a little “hacky” (screen scrapping is never fun).

D. Wouldn’t it be cool if other Bug Trackers could watch LP in the same way it watches them?

It seems to me, from both Lucas’ and Stephan’s efforts that doing D is possible right now.  Yes, it would be a ton more easy if Lucas’ and Stephan’s concerns were addressed (text/XML export etc).

I know the Launchpad developers are working right now to implement support for reporting back to other bug trackers certain information but I’m not sure of its progress.

Some Blueprints which might be related but I can not read (they are private): Bugs Remote API and Remote Launchpad Python Library (if you know of any other blueprints or bugs with more information, post them in the comments, please).

Does anyone know of any other bug trackers which are actively working on or at least discussing the ability to grab data from LP (or other BTS)  about certain bugs?

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And now, things begin to get busy

Posted by Greg on June 11, 2008

As some of you know, I am now working with Creative Commons as a Community Development Intern for the summer under the lead of Jon Phillips (of Open Clip Art, Inkscape, ccHost, etc).  Because of that, you might hear much less of me for the next 2.5 months (not that I was constantly blogging before).  Additionally, for you bug triagers out there, if you see a bug which I have commented on do not hesitate to take over the triaging process, I might not get to it as quickly as I should.  Don’t feel like you are stepping on anyone’s toes.

However, if you are thinking to yourself “I wonder what Greg is up to at Creative Commons right now?” you are more than welcome to watch the blog at CC, which is handily on the front page.  Today, in fact, I posted my first post.

Also, if you know of any cool Creative Commons/Free Culture related things going on in your area (physical or virtual), feel free to contact me.  And yeah, I already know about Jono’s new music project 😉

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Lets start Intrepid right…

Posted by Greg on April 27, 2008

The release cycle for Hardy was awesome, and I definitely put more time and effort into it than any other.  But, I want to continue this momentum and increase my effort for Intrepid.  Luckily for me, next week is Ubuntu OpenWeek.

Ubuntu OpenWeek Logo

Seriously, I’m not just talking about the OpenWeek because Jorge talked about it last night at our release party.  I have recently triaged a fair number of bugs to a point where I know what needs to be changed and I could probably do it myself.  Simple string fixes are a good examples, or setting correct defaults, adding a dependency, etc.  But, to do this I should learn more about packaging.

One way to do that is to go to a Packaging Jam like what Rick put on for the Michigan LoCo.  I unfortunately was unable to make it (3 year anniversary is a good reason right?).  But, with the OpenWeek I should be able to get some basics out of the way before we do another Packaging Jam.

Also, if you’re interested in just learning how to report bugs, not even think about fixing them, there are events for you too at the OpenWeek (see schedule).  Be sure to remember that the times are in UTC, so that means subtract 4 hours for the eastern time zone (rest of you Americans can do the math from there).

I hope some of the people who attended our Hardy Release Party in Michigan last night can show up.  There was a lot of interest in helping with Ubuntu development in various ways from many people and this is the perfect place to start!

See you there!

My 5 today: #223230 (gnome-panel), #214695 (gnome-system-monitor), #223239 (hugin), #223262 (kdebase), #223263 (update-manager)
Do 5 a day – every day!

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Posted by Greg on November 17, 2007

Hello World.

Everyone, meet my blog. Blog, this is everyone.

Why did I get a blog? (especially a blogger blog?) Well, to be honest, it was easy to set up the blogger account (I already use gmail). It was all of 4 clicks I think.

But, why am I blogging in the first place? Because, you know, I thought it looked like fun. We’ll see if what I produce helps anyone but me.

Have a good one

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