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The Release of Hardy and 100 members

Posted by Greg on April 24, 2008

Today, as we all know, is the release of the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu, Hardy Heron.

However, what you may not know is that today is also the day that the Michigan LoCo team hit 100 members!  Yep, thats right, two momentous occasions on the same day.

For proof, see screenshot.

On behalf of the entire team I would like to welcome Tony to the Michigan LoCo!

Tony, if you are reading this, if you come to the Hardy Release Party on Saturday, you get an Ubuntu Hat for being the 100th member of the team!  Really, no joke.


6 Responses to “The Release of Hardy and 100 members”

  1. Wooo! Go Michigan and such!

  2. Wolfger said

    Aw man, I knew I should have quit the team and come back in at #100… 😉

  3. kdubois said

    I want a hat..

  4. Steve said

    Congrats on the hitting the 100 mark!

  5. Hamid11771 said

    congratulations guys!
    i have downloaded hardy. great !
    have fun

  6. Tony said

    It is exciting to break the 100 member mark, but just as exciting I made it happen and I can’t wait for the hat!!!
    See you tonight.

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