Bringing Things Together


Posted by Greg on February 22, 2008

Yesterday was a very busy, stressful and long day.

But, no day is ever completely worthless. I had some good things happen yesterday. Got to talk to Rachel for a while, won some money for the video a group of us made for a contest, and….

I became an Official Ubuntu Member! w00t!

Thanks for all the cheers everyone!

Also, if all goes well, this should be my first post on planet.ubuntu. Hello all you Ubunteros!

My 5 today: #190731 (gnome-settings-daemon), #190777 (poppler), #194086 (ubuntu), #184449 (ubuntu), #189318 (ubuntu)
Do 5 a day – every day!


2 Responses to “w00t!”

  1. wolfger said

    Congratulations! Maybe someday I’ll be worthy… Keep up the good work!

  2. vorian said


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