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I’m going to D.C.

Posted by Greg on February 7, 2008

The school I attend, the University of Michigan’s School of Information, has a neat little program called “Alternative Spring Break.”

Alternative Spring Break, or ASB to the “in people,” is an opportunity for students to work with organizations for a week; basically a mini-internship.  The positions range from usability testing of a website to archive managing at the National Archives to policy oriented positions.

I, being of the policy persuasion, applied for those positions.  A couple with ALA (American Library Association) and one with EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center).  The place that took me is EPIC.

So that means I’m using my spring break this year to go work with a group that tries to protect your privacy rights online, fight for a more open government, and make sure you can speak your mind wherever you are.  Yeah, you’re welcome.

Any questions you want me to ask the people at EPIC for you?  let me know.


2 Responses to “I’m going to D.C.”

  1. Hella cool. What are you going to be doing there?

  2. Greg said

    From the description of the internship: I will be “updating policy pages, writing memoranda, EPIC publications, agency rulemakings, or other advocacy pieces.” So, general lackey type things.

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