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My daily backup "script"

Posted by Greg on January 19, 2008

So, I am having harddrive issues right now. Luckily I have a backup script run daily that keeps everything important backed up on an external harddrive (which seems to be doing ok right now). I also have any documents for grad school on 3 separate harddrives at any one time (I have learned from my mistakes in the past).

This isn’t a blog post about how thorough I am with backups, it is a post of my backup “script” [1] so others can basically copy past (and edit some of the hard coded stuff) and use it for themselves. I was inspired by being asked “what do you use for a backup tool” and listening to the latest episode of LUGRadio where Aq says that this year his resolution is to release more of his quick dirty programs. Things he would feel bad about normally because the user would need to modify some config file for hard coded values. But, in the interest of Freedom and Sharing it is best to let other people take a look at it and get ideas for themselves.

Well, here is my “script” [1]

Hope it can inspire you to backup your stuff every night/week/whatever. Oh, and to do that part, you need to edit your “crontab” by typing: “crontab -e” in your terminal (no quotes). There are tons of guides online on what exactly to put in there, but here is mine:

# m h dom mon dow command
0 23 * * * ./UserLogs/

Which basically translates into “Every day at 23:00, run this script”

There you have it! May your data be safe!

[1] Is a pretty looking list of commands in one file a script? That is for the reader to decide


2 Responses to “My daily backup "script"”

  1. etank said

    Fantastic. /me puts it in his toolbox 🙂

  2. […] Greg Grossmeier is doing the same thing after I talked about releasing scripts on LugRadio. That’s really cool; it’s lovely to hear when people go with a […]

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