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Gots me a Job, ‘cuz I’m SMRT!

Posted by Greg on January 16, 2008

Yes, I have a job now. I currently work for the Scholarly Publishing Office at the University of Michigan Libraries.

Right now it is a pretty mundane job. I convert incoming articles to a standard format (there is a little bit more to it than just Open -> Save As). When I am done with the conversion, they are published! Online! Usually Open Access! Woot!

Yeah, that is the cool part. The SPO does a really cool service. It provides electronic publishing for peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and most times those journals publish as open access. If you don’t know what Open Access is, well, where have you been? It is the Next Big Thing(TM)(R)! Really, if you don’t, read some stuff that Peter Suber has written, for instance his Open Access Overview and his log.

Now I just need to compete with Kathleen (a co-worker) for space in the office!


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