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Going for Approved Status

Posted by Greg on November 18, 2007

The Michigan Ubuntu LoCo Team is going up for approval at the next Community Council meeting (date TBD). This is awesome!

This all started, for me, in May of this year. I was one month away from moving to Michigan for grad school and I wanted to do something with the Ubuntu community. I wasn’t sure at the time of leading a LoCo team was the right thing for me to do, but I sort of just jumped in. Beginning in May though I did the basics; I set up an IRC channel (#ubuntu-michigan on Freenode), a wiki page (see link above), and a mailing list. For a while, it was lonely.

But then I moved to Ann Arbor, MI. The first person I met in town that wasn’t affiliated with school was through the team, Josh. Josh and I bounced some ideas around, but more or less just hung around. The big push in getting the team off the ground was Jorge Castro, who now works for Canonical. He has been active in the OSS communities here in South East Michigan for a while, and even ran the Ubuntu Detroit team for a bit. He pretty much introduced the Michigan LoCo to a bunch of people for me. And that is when the ball started rolling.

Since then we have had a few get togethers, some parties, some meetings, and a packaging jam. Rick has been a great team member being active and constantly helping with things.

This whole adventure has been very fun so far for me. I’ve met great people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. Learned things I wouldn’t have otherwise needed/wanted to. And in general, just had a great time. My only fear is that the amount of time I can devote to it will go down over the next few months and into next summer. School is starting to ramp up now.

I hope the approval process goes well and I don’t get drilled too hard during the CC meeting. The members of the team really deserve this approval.


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